Your Out-house Counsel

Your Out-house Counsel

Kohler Law’s Founder, Robert, shares a client story:

I reached out to the General Counsel of a SaaS company to offer over-flow support. Like a lot of companies, they were reluctant to hire outside support as they already had a couple of in-house attorneys.

Having founded several high tech companies myself, I know that legal needs are not constant. I reassured him that Kohler Law’s senior attorneys could assist with the end-of-quarter crunch and provide cost-effective HR counseling without stepping on anyone’s toes. Thankfully, he took a chance with us.

Our relationship began with conducting on-site sexual harassment workshops for new managers and progressed to a commercial contract attorney providing end-of-quarter support. We became a flexible, low cost extension of their in-house counsel on an as-needed basis.

We’d like to say we’re the out-house counsel for many of our clients, but that sounds a little strange, so just call us part of your team and leave it at that.

“Kohler Law Group provided us with precisely the expertise that we needed when we needed it most.” — client General Counsel

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