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Your company is growing, but your legal costs shouldn’t.

For over 15 years, Kohler Law has provided legal support to sales and marketing teams for businesses of all sizes, from start-up to big-time including Pandora, Marketo, Oncomed, Splunk, and Facebook.

Our clients use big law firms for financing and M&A, but work with Kohler Law for day-to-day legal needs such as sales contracts, NDAs, licensing, and routine business agreements.


We reduce legal fees dramatically, often by 50% -here’s how:

We close deals quickly – no sales lost due to over-lawyering
Lower rates — senior attorneys (15yr+) are billed at only $345/hour (compared to going rates of    $500+/hour)
Fast and responsive – same day / 24-hour turn around
Continuity – the same attorney works with your team deal after deal


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In addition to creating Kohler Law, Robert has founded and sold three high tech companies. He understands firsthand, the value of using a skilled attorney with a get-the-deal-done attitude.


All Kolher Law attorneys have worked in-house as General or Senior Counsel. They understand that all deals are unique and offer practical and fair legal advice based on knowledge and experience.


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