No More WTF Invoice Shock

No More WTF Invoice Shock

Kohler Law’s Founder, Robert, shares a client story:

A couple of years ago, I received a call from a CFO that I’d been reaching out to for several years. An e-mail from me arrived in his inbox just as he was reviewing an invoice from his company’s big Silicon Valley law firm. He told me that the firm was great, but the cost of closing sales and marketing deals was out of whack. He wanted to give Kohler Law a try.

After working on a couple of projects, he received our invoice. He called not only to tell me how much he enjoyed working with us, but what a relief it was not to say, “What the F*%k,” as he reviewed our invoice.

We love this story! Not only do we practice great law, but we also help to reduce profanity in the workplace.


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