I LOVE Kohler Law

I LOVE Kohler Law

Kohler Law’s Founder, Robert, shares a client story:

A rapidly growing start-up that provides Saleforce development was referred to me by an existing client. They were expanding so fast that their legal templates were all over the map and slowing down deals. I assigned the perfect lawyer to work with them – one with patience, organizational skills, and experience practicing law in dynamic start up environments. She streamlined their legal templates by getting rid of unnecessary terms that bogged down the sales cycle and drafted additional documents to support their sales and marketing efforts. After three month and several smooth deals later, the CEO sent me this e-mail.

From: Client
Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2013 10:18 AM
To: Robert Kohler
Subject: I LOVE Kohler Law

You are awesome.

Sincerely,Your Client

Sometimes with legal contracts, like the e-mail above, less is more.


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