(Above is Sirius XM’s internal employee memo re Project KIND)

November 2, 2017

As we get closer to year end and the holidays, ‘charity’ comes into our worlds more frequently. Most of the time (for me included), we get busier at this time of year and charity can often take a back seat, but sometimes an event can impact a company strongly enough that they adjust their corporate culture in a way that can inspire others.

My younger sister, Kathy Kohler Thomson was CMO at Sirius XM and sadly passed away in August this year from complications resulting from an aneurysm; no condolences necessary.

Kathy was very charitable with her time outside of work. She was also well-respected and loved by her C-level colleagues, her direct reports and employees at all levels of the company. After Kathy’s passing, she inspired Sirius XM to launch a new initiative named Project KIND:

All full-time Sirius XM employees may take one paid day off a year to work at a charity of their choosing.

I want to personally say thank you to Sirius XM for starting the Project KIND initiative on behalf of my sister and I hope this inspires other companies to adopt this wonderful program directly, or to consider creating something similar.

(below is the picture that hung on the wall across from my sister’s desk.)