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We have many, but here’s a few names you’ll recognize.

You don’t call your architect if your faucet is leaking.
You don’t call a neurosurgeon if your throat is sore.
So, who do you call for your day-to-day legal needs?

we complement your existing legal team and...

we save you 50% on day-to-day legal

We don't do everything, but on a normal business day, everything isn't needed. Keep your existing law firm and utilize our firm for day-to-day legals needs.

our focus

A single focus: we only do day-to-day legal work. SaaS, sales agreements, and more…

Commercial Agreements


Day-to-day agreements: Sales agreements, Vendor / Service / Procurement contracts

Technology Agreements


SaaS, licensing, content, IP Enterprise & gov’t E-commerce Privacy policies Terms of use Reseller, OEM, VAR Distribution

Corporate Agreements


Strategic alliance, partnership & co-marketing agreements. Incorporation. Investment docs

HR & Employment Law


Labor & employment issues. HR handbooks & policies. Executive compensation agreements. Ethics & harassment programs

quasi in-house counsel

Our clients work with the same attorney, who does deal after deal and come to know their client’s business intimately.

not our focus

Defer to your existing counsel for the following…



Mergers & Acquisitions

premium service

Being a smaller firm allows us to focus on providing outstanding client service and quickly meeting our client’s needs.

our value

50% Savings

24-48 Hour Turnaround

No Over-Lawyering

No Retainer Fee


All Kohler Law attorneys have at least 20 years of experience and have practiced in-house as General Counsel or Senior Counsel at their previous companies. They know how to get deals done and not over-lawyer the process.

our clients

Some of the brands we've worked with.

“We’ve been doing the same thing for our clients for 20 years, technology is making it easier and easier for us to continually improve our service to our clients and provide lower costs.” –Robert Kohler, JD, founder Kohler Law Group, a Professional Corporation

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